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Hotel bookings

Hotel Bookings

A Plus Tours and Travel Services makes choosing your hotel accommodation easy. We take away the mystery and the tough decisions you make when wondering which is the best hotel for you in a particular region. We will ensure you get the best possible accommodation according to your preferences and budget. In addition we will be able to tailor other related activities in the general area of your accommodation based on your schedule and preferences so as to give a memorable experience in your stay.

Local and International Tour Packages

East Africa is home to two of Africa's most popular safari destinations - Kenya and Tanzania along with Gorilla encounters in the rainforests of Uganda and Rwanda and tropical beaches of Zanzibar. The Serengeti and Maasai Mara host the annual great migration of wildebeest and zebra. See endangered species in the northern frontiers of Kenya and the ecosystem of the Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania. Track Gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda. Get tailor made tours to suite your very needs.

Tour packages

Game safaris

Game Safaris

Kenya provides the extraordinary opportunity to view wildlife in its natural habitat. East Africa's reputation as the ideal safari destination is well deserved. The Kenyan wilderness is home to an endless array of ecosystems. There is plenty to explore and species to encounter in our tailor made safari packages ranging from the great migratory herds of the Masai Mara to an abundance of bird life and remote tropical rainforests. Kenya is home to 59 national parks and 43 cultures unchanged by the modern world.

Airport Transfers

Your tour and safari does not start nor end at an airport. A Plus Tours and Travel Services is the first to recognize this. Your tour package is not complete with us without without us getting you to the airport and to your destination. We get rid of the hustles of you trying to figure out local traffic patterns and complicated directions to your hotel. Have the peace of mind and get picked up in an array of comfortable transportation options of your choosing.

airport transfers

beach holidays

Beach Holidays

Thinking of relaxing? Get the perfect personalized tropical beach experience in East Africa. With world class beaches dotted across the East African coastlines and the numerous islands that are scattered across the Indian ocean, you can sink your feet in the natural powdery white sandy beaches and you enjoy a cold cocktail. You can do this from Lamu, through Malindi and Mombasa to Diani in the Southern Coast of Kenya. Enjoy the same pristine experience in Tanzania and the island of Zanzibar, Wasini, Mauritius and Seychelles among others.

Mountain Climbing

Challenge yourself on the mountains of Africa. From the rain forests of the Aberdares to the snow capped peaks of Mount Kenya get to experience the all four seasons in a single climb. Is height your preference then let A Plus Tours and Travel Services take you to the roof of Africa, the mighty Kilimanjaro, also the world's highest free standing mountain. If that is too challenging you can try out the numerous hiking trails that are spread all over East Africa.

mountain climbing