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A Plus Tours and Travel Services is your one stop shop for all your ticketing needs. We endeavour to be the premier issuer of tickets for local, regional and international travel via air, train and bus. We are at hand to give you personalized service as you get your peace of mind. We strive to get you the best in cost effective pricing that will meet your satisfaction in the season of need. Let A Plus Tours and Travel Services be a partner you can rely on.

airline ticketing

visa processing

Visa Processing and Facilitation

Where applicable, A Plus Tours and Travel Services is at hand to facilitate and process Visas to any country that does not restrict travellers to applying in person. We will give you personalized service to take away the worries, the pain and the headaches of trying to figure what the requirements are to be issued with a Visa. We will guide you through the entire process and help in every way possible to work with all travellers to get the Visas issued.

Travel Insurance

A Plus Tours and Travel Services is at hand to give you the peace of mind to make you feel at home away from home. With uncertainty in today's world you never know when your trip could take an unexpected turn. We are here to cater for all your personal requirements from ticketing, visa processing to securing your travel insurance no matter where you are travelling to around the world. Get insurance that ensures that in the case of an eventuality you will be seen safely back to your home country.

travel insurance