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Welcome to the 2nd edition of the A Plus newsletter. First we would like to specially thank all the clients we have served in the month of June, thank you.

We also take this early opportunity to wish you Idd Mubarak…

Unique Wildlife


In Afrikaans language the name means ‘earth pig’. Aardvarks look a bit like pigs, with rabbit-like ears and a kangaroo’s tail—yet they are related to none of these animals. In fact, one of their closest living relatives are elephants. They are widely distributed throughout Southern Africa and prefer grasslands and open woodlands.

Interesting facts about the Aardavak…

  • They are nocturnal
  • Favourite food-ants & termites
  • Their wormlike tongue can be up to 30.5 cm long and is sticky to trap up to 50,000 termites and ants in one night!
  • It has the ability to seal its nostrils to keep dust and insects from invading its snout.

Reasons to travel:

Travel Reasons

Hockey World cup
Toronto, Canada Sept 17th – Oct 1st

2016 British open
Troon, Scotland July 15th – 22nd

2016 PGA Championships
New Jersey July 30th – Aug 1 st

2016 US Open tennis
New York Aug 29th – Sep 11th

Did you know?

With a Kenyan passport you can travel to 33 countries visa free and get visas on arrival to another 25 countries!!!!
Visa free countries;

Travel tips (International travel)

  • Pack less – just hand luggage should be your goal
  • Roll your clothes when packing
  • Never wear flip flops in the plane-emergencies happen
  • Always carry a set of ear plugs-silence is golden
  • Pre-book an airport lounge especially with long haul flights
  • Always have a valid travel insurance – better safe than sorry
  • Never exchange money at your hotel
  • Always hire a local guide when in a new city

World travel fact:

Saudi Arabia

Saudia is one of the only countries in the world to boast of no rivers, not even 1!!!

Travel firsts:

Hyper Loop

The Hyper loop train a cross between a Concorde, rail gun & an air hockey table. This train will be insanely fast will get you from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 30 min!!!! it currently takes 6 hours by train, 7 hours 51 minutes by road & 1 hour 23 minutes by flight… its still in the formative stages but will definitely change how we travel in future…

Our travel diaries:

Travel is one of the greatest of Life’s Joys.

A memorable family trip involves more than sand castles and amusement parks, though those are certainly kids’ favorites. It’s the experience that matters. Showing your children that a world exists beyond their back door, with beautiful colors, eccentric cuisine, a rich history and the great wilderness that is Kenya.

One of the most amazing destinations of the Savannah is KIBOKO CAMP. Set on the Bank of River GALANA in Tsavo is the most breathtaking Tented Camp of the Tsavo East. Sometime back my wife Ciru & I decided to be adventurous and pick a destination on the map in our living room with our eyes closed and as much as I secretly hoped for Malindi our fingers fell on the Tsavo. She quickly got in touch with our favorite travel agent – Read More

Travel Kiboko Club

Quote of the month:

Travel because it is worth it, Travel opens up minds to new insights, revelation, and points of view. It teaches us valuable lessons about ourselves and completely changes our life. It has dawned on me; I’ve never heard anyone regret the trip they took however I’ve heard many people regret not making that dream trip a reality….. Stephen Schreck.

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