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Travel & News – February 2017 Newsletter


Wow the year is almost quarter way gone! JKIA awarded category 1 status so direct flights to the states coming very soon something we are really looking forward to. We have set off the year great you will soon be able to go into our website book and pay for your flight!! Such an amazing milestone for us and we have you to thank, so thank you very much for your continued support.

Wishing you a great month ahead.

The Hyena

The hyena is a carnivorous dog-like species of animal, native to parts of both Africa and Asia. There are four known species of hyena, the spotted hyena, the striped hyena, the brown hyena and the aardwolf. Hyenas don’t just laugh for fun. Scientists say that the pitch and the note frequency (or tone) of a hyena’s laugh can give an indication of its age and social status.


Facts about the Hyena

  • The hyena is Africa’s most common large carnivore
  • In ancient Egypt hyenas were domesticated and raised for food
  • Only the spotted hyena and the shy and much rarer, striped hyena (Hyaena hyaena) are found in East Africa
  • Female spotted hyenas are dominant over the males and outweigh them by about 3 pounds
  • Hyenas usually bear litters of two to four cubs, which and are born with their eyes open.
  • Hyenas can go for several days without water
  • In one feeding frenzy, a spotted hyena can eat up to one third of its body weight

Our Bucket-list Item

Skydiving in Diani

Diani beach is one of the very few places in the world where every jump is a beach jump…

Reasons to travel…

2017 Monaco Grand Prix
Venue : Monte Carlo
Start Date : Thursday, 25-May-2017
End Date :Tuesday, 29-May-2017

Lamu Cultural Art Festival 2017
Venue :Lamu
Start Date :Friday, 17-Feb-2017
End Date :Sunday, 19-Feb-2017

Rio Carnival 2017
Venue :Rio de Janeiro
Start Date :Friday, 24-Feb-2017
End Date :Saturday, 04-Mar-2017

Lamu Cultural Food Festival 2017
Venue :Lamu
Start Date :Friday, 07-Apr-2017
End Date :Sunday, 9-Apr-2017

Canton Fair 2017 – Phase 1
Venue :Guangzhou
Start Date :Saturday, 15-Apr-2017
End Date :Wednesday, 19-Apr-2017

Lake Turkana Festival 2017
Venue : Loiyangalani
Start Date :Wednesday, 03-May-2017
End Date :Monday, 08-May-2017

Did you know?

KLM had the best on-time performance record in 2016!!!!!

Travel tip – Travel Insurance

No one ever thinks they’ll get sick, injured, or robbed while traveling. But it happens. With travel insurance you don’t have to worry about huge hospital bills or stolen gear when it eventually happens. For all kinds of trips ranging from a weekend up to a few months long, I always take a travel insurance cover!!

World travel fact…

Tokyo’s Narita Airport is the 2nd world furthest airport from the city it serves. It’s 66.30km/52 min drive from the City Centre!!


My husband and I were looking for a place or ideas to take the kids camping after Christmas and a New Year Plot. We had promised the kids that we would go camping after Christmas so here we were thinking of places to go and as usual our first choice was Naivasha as there are many camping sites near the lake. My husband and I discussed Naivasha and with the news on the traffic during that period we thought maybe we should look at other areas as alternatives. As Google is everyone’s best friend we decided to look for options.

We also made a few calls to get ideas on camping sites. But as luck would not have it most places were fully booked. We had been to Acacia before but the hotel side so we decided to call them to find out if they do camping and as luck would have it they confirmed

they do. After a long search we settled for Swara Plains and we have no regrets about it.
read more…

Quote of the Month

“The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.”
Sir. Richard Burton