Five Days at Swara Plains Acacia Camp

swara plains

Swara Plains

Swara Plains Acacia Camp! Just 35 minutes from Jomo Kenyatta International airport or 36 Kms from Nairobi, come and escape the city hustle and bustle on this beautiful piece of unspoiled Africa.

Situated on the Kapiti Plains opposite the rugged Lukenya Hill, Swara Plains Acacia Camp is nestled in a glade of shady Yellow Fever Trees.

It is fully contained within a privately fenced 20,000 acre wildlife sanctuary to which guests have exclusive access. Unknown to many, Swara Plains Acacia Camp and the surrounding sanctuary hosts a resident population of over 3,000 game animals and over 280 identified bird species.

Comfortable rustic accommodation and good home cooking are provided at the camp. Nature walks, cycling, fishing, and day/night game drives are just some of the activities one can do at the sanctuary.

With such an accessible location this magnificent piece of African Savannah provides an experience not to be missed. Swara Plains Acacia Camp and the sanctuary are home to many species of plains animals: Cheetah, Zebra, Eland, Oryx, Giraffe, Ostrich, numerous antelope, and many many more.


Swara Plains Acacia Camp’s exciting activities are sure to make your stay here most memorable.


  • Sundowners
  • Guided Nature Walks
  • Suitable for riding bikes but bring your own.
  • Boating : supply your own boat
  • Fishing in seasonal Dams : supply your own gear
  • Spectacular Bird Watching. Spare binoculars available.
  • Game Drives
  • Night Game Drives with a Spotlight
  • A la Carte menu plus daily specials and kids menu.
  • Camping

Facilities Include: Access to Air Strip, Conference Rooms, Space for School Outings. Make your time in Africa unforgettable at Swara Plains Acacia Camp.

My Experience

My husband and I were looking for a place or ideas to take the kids camping after Christmas and a New Year Plot. We had promised the kids that we would go camping after Christmas so here we were thinking of places to go and as usual our first choice was Naivasha as there are many camping sites near the lake.

My husband and I discussed Naivasha and with the news on the traffic during that period we thought maybe we should look at other areas as alternatives.

As Google is everyone’s best friend we decided to look for options. We also made a few calls to get ideas on camping sites. But as luck would not have it most places were fully booked.

We had been to Acacia before but the hotel side so we decided to call them to find out if they do camping and as luck would have it they confirmed they do. After a long search we settled for Swara Plains and we have no regrets about it.

They have the two options of either camping in their tents

Option 1…

And Option 2 is to do your own camping out in the bunduz. We opted for the latter to enjoy the full camping experience.

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Day 1:

We left home passed by the supermarket to do shopping for the foodstuff we needed for our camping trip. We then set off for Swara Plains. We reached there at about 1430hrs and settled down to pitch our tent before the sun went down. It took us about 1 and ½ hrs to do that. With the family teamwork we managed to put up the tent. We left the kids to pump up the mattresses as we unpacked and settled in our new home for the next few days.

We then settled down to enjoy the sundowner. Breathe taking view of the sunset. At night we had our bonfire while we made our dinner.

Day 2:

The bright sunshine woke us up the next day. As the kids were still sleeping, I woke up to make breakfast for my still sleeping family and woke them up once it was ready. We decided to take it easy and just chill out. We went to the hotel side to relax. The kids played some darts and we cheered them on. There battle was for the Bulls Eye.

Day 3: (our last camping day)

The bright sunshine woke us up the next day. As the kids were still sleeping, I woke up to make breakfast for my still sleeping family and woke them up once it was ready. We go ready decided to go for a game drive as the children wanted to do one.

We set off at about 1100hrs for the game drive within the Swara Plains Ranch and we were lucky to see various wild animals. Pictures below.

Our game drive lasted about 3 and ½ hrs.

By the time we got back, some friends joined us. They settled in and then we went back to our tent to prepare for dinner as we waited to usher the new year in.

Day 4: (New Years Eve)

We woke up early and to our already established routine; made breakfast then cleaned the tent. Sadly it was time to pack up as some other revelers had booked the Campsite and we decided to spent one more night but in the rooms. Though the experience was not the same we settled in the rooms with our friends and then started to prepare late lunch. We made simple meal as we would be eating dinner soon.

The kids went on play on the slides, and some more darts.

Later in the evening we prepared and had dinner then settled by the hotel Bonfire with our drinks as we waited to usher in the New Year.

Day 5: (New Years)

Our last day at Swara Plains, we woke up had breakfast and decided we should all go for one more game drive before we left to come back home. This time round the game drive was longer. We got lost at some point but thanks to Google Drive we found our way back out from the ranch in the highway then back to the Swara Plains. We had lunch and sad as it was we had to come back home and get ready for the new term and year.

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