Gerenuk impalaIt’s with great pleasure we share with you the 1st A Plus news page. A Plus has grown in leaps and bounds thanks to our clients and suppliers support. A special thank you to our clients and suppliers who have partnered with us for over the 14 years we have been in operation, it’s been an honour.

This practically unique and unheard of animal with a big body, small head and long neck resembling a baby giraffe actually belongs to the antelope species… it can be found in our very own Samburu national park…

Interesting facts about the Gerenuk…

  • A gerenuk can go its entire life without drinking water
  • The gerenuk eats standing on its hind legs
  • Gerenuks are successful and are go-with-the-flow breeders
  • Gerenuks moms are supermoms
  • Baby gerenuks are kept hidden out of sight the first few weeks of their lives.


Wildebeeste Maasai Mara


Rhino Charge –(May 30th – June 4, 2016)
Safaricom Lewa Marathon (June 25, 2016)
Wildebeest Migration Kenya (July – October 2016)
Mararal International Camel Derby (August 19 – August 21, 2016)


Vivid Sydney (May 27 – June 18, 2016)
UEFA Euro Cup (June 10 – July 10, 2016)
Olympic Rio De Janeiro (August 5 – August 21, 2016)
Oktoberfest (September 17 – October 3, 2016)


planeFlying is actually safer now than it has ever been before. It will surprise you to learn that 2015 was statistically the safest year in aviation history. With an accident rate of one in five million flights, according to industry analyst Flight global, you’re actually far more likely to be struck by lightning or attacked by a lion than find yourself in an aircraft accident.


taxiAlways try and use pre-arranged transportation. Often times this service can be arranged for you via your hotel.
Know if public transportation (including taxis) is safe to use.
Only use marked transportation, never use unidentified cabs or buses.
It is highly advisable that you keep your windows rolled up and doors locked.


desertYou want to see desert look no further, Libya in North Africa is 99% desert!


kenya airwaysOnly 2 steps to direct US flights – Kenya is set to make two crucial steps in its bid for direct flights to the US with the opening of two terminals at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) and the introduction of a bill in parliament that will integrate international standards with the country’s aviation laws. Direct US flights may become a reality as soon as June this year…


forestOutdoor activities has become the in thing in Nairobi, whether it’s Karura, mountain or hill hiking, biking, running, golfing etc… Nairobians are spending their weekends out in the nature… Hiking is what is truly trending, the number of buses you find around Hilton on a Saturday 5:30 – 6:30am tell you just how many the bug has bit. Hiking offers one an opportunity to stay fit, meet new/old friends and most importantly discover new places…

forest6:30am our pick up was at ABC place headed to the Ragia forest which is part of the Aberdare’s. It took us about 11/2hrs to get there. The views as we approach our drop off are just breath taking. We are blessed with a beautiful country!! As the bus comes to a stop we are all set for the hike. As is the norm just before the start of a hike we have a good body stretch and a hike brief by the local guides. The hike starts at Sasumua Dam through the China Camp Gate.

Having been assured the hike is child’s play for avid hikers we set off and now really enjoy the views, the fresh air and the cool breeze as the had rained the night before. The walk through the bamboo forest, cross a stream through a large water pipe was all exiting as we approached the descent to the magnificent waterfall call no. 18. The decent was treacherous with the ground too steep, too soft and wet making it really difficult to stay on our feet. We had a good laugh as we slipped and fell. As the view and the sound of the water fall neared all was forgotten… until it was time to go up and we kissed the ground as we tried to pull ourselves up to go to waterfall number 2!!! Yes 2 water falls in 1 day.

cowsThe second waterfall is located at the famous Mau Mau caves where the Mau Mau generals like Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi and General china hid. This waterfall was such a beauty was were able to get to the head of the fall before descending to the foot of the fall. The journey was a repeat and the guides had to help us through the muddy and wet grounds. Our hike ended with a hot buffet lunch prepared and cooked at the forest by our chef of the day ending a day well spent perfectly…



Life’s most persistent and urgent question is “what are you doing for others?”

Martin Luther King Jr.

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