Mashujaa day Trip to the Aberdares

Mashujaa Day Aberdares

20th October 2016, my kids and I get ready and ensure we are at the Nyeri Post Office building at 8.00am to meet up with a group of friends and their family for a day’s excursion at the Aberdares National Park located within Nyandarua and Nyeri County and covers an area of 766km square. Continue reading

Travel and News October 2016 Newsletter

October 2016 Newsletter Chimpanzee


Welcome to our Travel & News for this month, we are finally in the last quarter of the year. Planning of parties, family get together and holiday travels are in full gear.. If you are not started this is the time to make those thoughts a reality. Emirates are offering up to 20% discounts for travel to almost all their destinations as long as tickets are purchased by October 15, 2016 don’t be left out!!!!!

Wishing you a fantastic month, thank you for being our clients we truly appreciate you. Continue reading

Our Travel Diaries… Washington DC

Washington DC

When you visit the US you it dawns on you just how much Americans value their nationality, culture and heritage. You then understand and relate the visa process we as Kenyans go through, It’s just the American way of doing things nothing personal. Continue reading